Are you or your clients concerned about the next 2008?

Would you like to stand out from the herd?

How valuable would it be to turn your practice into a marketing message?

Learn how to use institutional tools to improve your understanding and management of the markets. Jump start you new year with tools necessary to turn your practice and process into a marketing tool.

Topics Covered:

  • Investors need to understand the trader's mindset
  • Why understanding what happens in the short term will improve your long term
  • How the Big Picture impacts funding accounts, entering trades, and new relationships
  • Determining the market's context and condition to better position portfolios
  • Understanding economic and geo-political risks and how to handle them
  • Importance of managing multiple time frames within accounts
  • Trading tools for investors
    • Market Profile - Looking inside the market
    • Volume Profile - Levels where business is best conducted
    • PnF charting - Information without all the clutter
    • Professional vs Amateur activity in the markets
    • Percent Change - The Flight to Quality Indicator
  • Other outstanding tools and technology available today to simplify your process and create a competitive edge
  • The six keys to a risk-control system
  • Managing risk to maximize investment returns
  • Five fundamental truths about the markets
  • Psychology of trading
  • The seven beliefs for consistency
  • Creating headspace to improve your focus and results
  • How to change bad habits and habit mastery
  • Creating a lean business
  • Systems vs Goals
  • Best processes
  • Turning your practice into a marketing message

Additional Downloadable Resources:

  • Reading list of all references
  • Software and technology list
  • List of essential websites
  • How to Change a Habit
  • Riskalyze Discount Offer
  • Sample Homework Analysis
  • Worldview.xlsx (with instructions and examples)

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Comments from Attendees

Very worthwhile, lots of actionable items to move forward with. - B.D.

Lloyd continues to provide innovation to assist me with my personal growth as an advisor. I continue to learn new and valuable concepts from him to advance my practice. - D.H.

Lloyd helped to provide perspective about what I am currently providing to clients and what I COULD be providing to clients. - C.F.

Growing volatility is a big concern and it is good to know there are tools available to help us navigate. - K.S.

I enjoyed looking at the different options of managing risk. - E.S.

Thank you for your continued clarity and sensibility! - C.S.


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