Attract Clients: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Building and Running a Practice

In this new edition, Lloyd Williams presents the material covered in his popular 2-day workshops conducted in over fifty financial service firms across the U.S. and Canada. He begins with the importance of advocacy-based marketing in contrast to solicitation. Next, he walks you through the all-important First Conversation, which establishes the trust necessary to build deep relationships. Finally, he delivers the scripts, presentations, and tools required to build and manage your business. These are not just concepts to consider, but deliverables to implement in your practice today.

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What People Say About Attract Clients

Lloyd Williams was one of the first in financial services to see the role managed money would play in the lives of advisors and clients alike. In 1988, he drank the kool-aid and changed from one of the best transaction based brokers to one of the first and best managed money consultants. Since then, the industry has embraced fee-based business. However, many advisors have not, possibly because it’s different, but most likely because the transition, unless done by “the book,” entails the hated income reduction plan. Now, after years of being a managed money consultant, consulting firms, and coaching high-end advisors, Lloyd has written “the book.” If you have already converted, read this book and tighten up. If you are in process, study it to better manage the transition. If you have not started down the path, consume the book. Do what Lloyd says. Bill Good, Chairman, Bill Good Marketing, Inc.
Lloyd Williams is one of the few advisors I met over nearly a decade as a financial advisor that I not only listened to, but modeled. He inspired me to become a fee-based advisor, when my firm wasn’t even offering fee based products. He has always been an advocate for putting the client first. His book can help you make a difference in your clients lives and your own life. - David Bach, Bestselling Author of Smart Women Finish Rich, Smart Couples Finish Rich, The Automatic Millionaire, and Start Late Finish Rich
Lloyd focuses on the crucial experience that must be sold first – the unique experience that the client has with an advisor. Once this is sold the products and services sell themselves. This is a very in-depth and practical book. A must for every advisor who wants a future that’s bigger than the past.Dan Sullivan, Author and Founder of The Strategic Coach. Inc.
The workshop is more than just about building a fee-based business. It’s about taking your business to the next level using a process that clients buy into and stay with for the long-term. It’s about attracting new relationships and raising new money, both of which you must manage. Concentrating on growth efficiently enables advisors to provide the services their clients value.Toni Bjorklund, Sr. Vice President, Professional Development, Piper Jaffray
Lloyd Williams brings with him not only a wealth of experience but very uique insight into the ways in which advisors and their clients think. - Don Howden, Branch Manager, Raymond James
The “Client Conversation” asks the best clients, “What is truly important to you?” and then we build a solution arou what is truly important for the client. As a result of the client conversation my compensation is not purely financial, but is enriched with my relationship with my best clients.Dick Blakeley, CIMA, The Blakeley Group
While the rest of the industry was trying to figure out how to transition to fee-based pricing Lloyd had already done it and was guiding us in the process. - Joseph M. Flammio, CFP, The Flammio Financial Team at A. G. Edwards