Unlocked Treo 650

palm-treo-650.jpgIf you would like a replacement for your planner, cell phone, pager, palm pilot, blackberry, note pad, digital voice recorder, pocket camera, local cyber cafe, and maybe even your computer, look no further. Palm's Treo 650 for Palm OS may just be your answer.

This handheld PDA has replaced almost all the above for me. I can send and recieve email, surf the web, record voice memos, sync with my computer, and generally get things done faster and more effeciently. Leaving me more time to enjoy a good book, a walk in the woods, or just to stand by the shore and watch the waves.

I bought an unlocked Treo 650 rather than buying it from a phone company. I then signed up for the free phone contract with my local provider (must use SIM cards - Cingluar in the States and Rogers in Canada). I then placed the SIM in my Treo and set up my voice mail and email. When I travel to Europe I can purchase or rent a SIM and eliminate the high roaming charges. If you travel alot your Treo phone and multiple SIM cards will keep you in contact, when you want to be contacted. If you are using David Allen's Getting Things Done concepts to manage the stuff in your life you will find the Treo 650 an outstanding productivity tool. For more information go to Unlocked Treo 650.