Total Redisign

The new website uses the latest technology to store and deliver content. In the coming weeks I will continue activating new features. ## Comments You are now able to interact with the content and the other readers by commenting on the post. Just click on the comments link. Example below:

![Comments Link](

Your comments add value to the site and are encouraged. You do not have to identify yourself. We are using technology to remove spam from any posts.

## Searching You can now search the entire site by any keyword using the search box in the sidebar. The search will return all relevant articles.

## Faster Updates The new format allows for regular updates. New content can now be added with ease. In the past the updating was tedious and therefore seldom done. The new site no longer involves detailed page design and layout, using [Cascading Style Sheets]( (CSS) and PHP I am able to quickly update and change the look of the entire site.

## Archiving of Past Posts All post will now be [archived]( by date and category. The site can now be a reference source.

## RSS Feeds Know when new content is add by [RSS feed]( Using a feed reader like Google Reader you will always be current.

## Coming Soon * Interviews with Successful Teams and Special Guests * Preview Chapters from Upcoming Book, *Let's Talk: Marketing As a Conversation* * Book Reviews * Software Tools Reviewed * Video Files Demonstrating Tools (client only pages)

## Improvements I would like your input to improve the website:

* Do you prefer images in the post or text only? * Do you know how to use RSS feeds? * Are there specific topics you would like to see discussed?

What are your thoughts?