Two Words That Might Change Your Life

Sometimes the best thing to do in a conversation is to say nothing. [Kathy Sierra]( says: >Things I learned from my horse trainers #42: practice saying, "Hmmmm... how interesting." Say it when you're frustrated. Say it when you're mad. Most importantly, say it before you say or do anything else (including hit the "send" or "post" button).

>It should be the first thing out of your mouth when things go wrong--or don't meet your expectations--because:

>1) It inserts a pause and gives you a moment to think before you react.

>2) It keeps you from taking things too personally If someone calls you an idiot (or worse) saying " interesting..." changes your reaction from purely emotional to more curious and detached.

>3) It helps you ask more questions instead of jump to conclusions. With horses, the main goal of the "how interesting" technique is to keep you from losing patience and blaming the horse. If you say "how interesting," it helps you explore reasons, including what your own role in this might be. It makes problems feel more like puzzles.