Getting Things Done: Recap

Act Two of the [Three Act Planning]( process is [Getting Things Done]( (GTD) by David Allen. He created the best way to deal with the stuff that fills our lives. Merlin Mann of 43folders starts the new year with a great [recap of the GTD posts]( on his site saying, >I’ve gotten several requests from readers for an updated primer for folks who are getting started (or re-started) with Getting Things Done. I’m happy to oblige with this updated collection of 43 Folders’ most popular, most visited, most-commented-on, and my personal favorite posts about David Allen’s GTD. There should be plenty here to get you rolling. And thanks so much to everyone who wrote to request this.

To see all the links the tools including 8-episode podcast with Merlin Mann and David Allen do not miss the [Recap Page](

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