Answer Client Questions Easily

How do you handle client questions? Sometimes your business can be overwhelmed with questions that seem to be trivial or time consuming. If clients are asking a lot of small questions, there may be a trust issue. Deal with the disease and not the symptom. Build the trust and the questions will go away. Some clients just require more information. The following are a few simple tools you can apply to your business today.

1. Create a series of answers to common questions and save them as keyboard macros. When a client calls have your assistant get the whole question and then in a few keystrokes you can answer the question by email.

2. save all the answers and put together a FAQ file in PDF that you can send out to your clients quarterly as an educational piece. That way over time they will realize that the answer to their question is probably coming in the next update.

3. Solve the problem proactively by doing a monthly email about the issues you know your clients will be asking about. This answers their questions before they call or email and ask.

## Keyboard macro programs

Keyboard macro programs allow you to type a few simple letter and the program replaces what you type with the text you desire. There are several programs on the market that allow you to manage your keyboard macros. On the Mac I use [TypeIt4Me]( For a Windows computer, a [Google]( search for "keyboard macro windows" will reveal a number of choices.

A good keyboard macro program will allow you to define any text and give it a shortcut. I use a number of these for responding to email with different standard replies.

## Examples:

"aaty" results in "Thank you, Lloyd"

"aasub" results in "You are now subscribed. Thank you, Lloyd"

"aats" results in "2007-01-18 - Thu - 11:53"

"aaattract" results in "Attract Clients: A Financial Advisor's Guide to Building and Running a Practice"