Why the Best Find More Success Than the Rest - Part 1 of 18

Why are some businesses substantially more successful than others? After two decades of observing and working with some of the most productive teams in North America, I notice several distinctions. The best teams realize that every firm handles the big things with the same skill. Paperwork, execution, and delivery are almost equal in each company. Value is added in the small things that make a difference, those areas outside the core business that support and refine the practice. The following are a few of the key distinctions between the best and the rest. Determine To Be Unique

A practice must transform its industry to avoid being considered part of the herd. If a practice looks like every other practice then the customer is unable to see any difference. Great companies redefine the way their industry delivers solutions. The Four Seasons is not just a regular hotel, Starbucks is not a normal coffee shop, Tim Horton’s is not a typical donut shop, and Lexus is not your average car dealership. All of these companies redefined their industries by transforming the way they deliver their products or services. A great practice decides upfront to be different, to set a new benchmark for the industry, and then creates the processes and procedures necessary to deliver this uniqueness.