Why the Best Are More Successful Than the Rest - Part 11 of 18

Use Time Blocks An outstanding business knows the value of being prepared and defining where to focus its time and effort. It also knows which meetings are most important. A typical business drops everything when the biggest client calls. But this client controls only 5, 10, maybe 20 percent of the business. A great business knows when it meets as a team, or when the business leader thinks alone about the business, it is in control of 100 percent of the business. Team members know that a meeting with themselves is the most important meeting of the week because without the team prepared and focused, everyone loses. The best make team meetings free of interruptions and distractions. They also understand the need for the team leader to have time alone to think, rest, and prepare. These times are blocked on the calendar and protected. The best teams use the calendar to guarantee distraction-free time to plan, think, and prepare. Blocking time allows teams to use the rest of the time to execute and deliver