Mastery Level Habits: Scheduling Time with Your Most Important Client

If your biggest client called and asked you to meet with them every Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM for fifteen minutes. And they promised, if you did they would double their investment in your business every two years for as long as they lived. Would you hold the meeting? Yes, everyone would. But this is not your biggest client. They control maybe 5-10% of your total revenue.

So who is your biggest client? You are. When you have a meeting with yourself you control 100% of your revenue. Yet how often are your scheduling meeting on your calendar with yourself.

Mastery Level Practices have more meetings with themselves than they do with all clients combined. Because every client meeting requires a meeting to prepare and they schedule additional meetings with themselves to accomplish the other tasks they need to do during the week.

The habit of scheduling time with yourself and keeping it sacred and not rescheduling, is a Mastery Level Habit that will keep you prepared and focused.

The more you manage others the more time you need to spend by yourself reviewing, planning, and organizing the efforts of others and yourself. Because your ideas are leveraged through the efforts of others, if you do not take the time to think them through clearly, they can result in wasted time and costly rabbit trails when delegated to others.

The Habit: Allocate time on your calendar everyday to prepare for the day. Both you and your team will experience the resulting focus.