Busless - A Quick Report from OMC Headquarters

Well, we'll have unusual photos to share with you soon, i.e. this morning our bus had carpet, tile, two sofas, two leather chairs, and end tables - now it has none of these things. As many of you know, the bus went in for renovations at Oregon Motorcoach Center (OMC) in Eugene, OR, which means we are not in the bus. However, we have moved into another CountryCoach motorcoach. It's lovely - bright, inviting, roomy, with storage galore, neat extras, everything but the kitchen sink. And I mean that. It has no kitchen sink, nor a kitchen counter, nor a stovetop, but those final pieces to the puzzle shall be in place within the next day or two and we're already comfy and happy in this handsome motorcoach. In fact, we're feeling a little spoiled by having the use of the coach in the first place let alone for the almost 2 month renovation period.

OMC is a pleasure to work with - a personable staff with excellent ideas, manners, patience and genuine smiles. We are impressed. Oh, and the coffee in the office is especially tasty, that's worth mentioning. We haven't felt this relaxed and confident about bus repairs since under the tutelage of Jon Wehrenberg and Joe Cannarozzi and their expert hands. We are in the realm of experts and that feels good. As far as we're concerned OMC is "driving the new standard in service".

Today we charged. The card that is. Several times. Two televisions, an all-in-one printer/copier/fax, a Mac mini computer, a mouse, a keyboard, and a Playstation 3 later (Playstation? Yep, for the Blue Ray and other features - I had no idea ... ), we are technically decked out. We'll leave all those gizmos behind for the OMC installation gurus, thank goodness.

For now, we're camped out in OMC's tidy lot. We have power and water so all is well. Some time in early December someone from OMC will deliver our bus to us in California (now that's service) since we want to enjoy the journey down to L.A. and get there by November 8th.

We're as happy as unpolluted clams.

Stay tuned ...