Oregon Motorcoach Center

The bus is at Oregon Motorcoach Center in Eugene, OR. Bob Lee, the founder of Country Coach, started this company to renovate older coaches after he sold his controlling interest in Country Coach. We have been throughly impressed with the quality and service here. The facility is immaculately clean. Many of the guys worked originally for Country Coach. The facility is located in the original building where they built the Prevost conversions.

The workmanship and innovation is outstanding. I have been impressed with their ability and willingness to give us several alternatives with different prices to fit our budget.

We are having some extensive work done as you can see from some of the photos below. We have gutted the living area. We are replacing all the marble and carpet from the bath to the drivers area with new tile. We are reupholstering the drivers sofa and replacing the other sofa with a desk/bookcase I designed. The new wide screen TV will be hidden in the desk and rise up to allow it to swivel 180 degrees from front to rear. It will be a computer monitor and TV. We are moving all the electronics up to the front over the driver where the old TV was. We are re-carpeting the bedroom and adding a new widescreen tv there also. The plumbing bay is being cleaned up with new pipes and fittings. We are adding new digital tank gauges for fresh, gray, black, and LP. We are adding two Magnum True Sine Wave inverters and eliminating some of the old wiring. They are building us some low profile lights to replace the tiki lights that we hated so much.

Bob is letting us use one of his five coaches to continue our trip down the coast over the next six weeks while they finish working on the bus. We look forward to connecting with Ray Davis and others while we are in LA. We are sorry we missed BrainE and Beverly, but they were fly fishing in Waterton Lakes National Park in Canada when we passed through. If you have been following in our travel blog then you all ready know that is one of our favorite places we have seen. We will be wintering in Arizona and New Mexico. If you are in the area let us know we would love to get together and meet. -L

OMC Office

Stripped Bus

Espensive stack of technology

Interior of 12 bay facility