Let's Talk: How to Make Certain Your Dreams Are Accomplished

Why are New Year’s Resolutions stated on January 1st and not accomplished by December 31st? There is one simple reason. The goal was established, but there was no next action. Any project, desired outcome, or goal must have a next physical action to make it a reality. You know what you and those around you want to be true in the next twelve months. Now ask yourself and those you want to partner with, what is the next physical action necessary to make the dream a reality? You have just become a Strategic Catalyst in the life of another person. That is what an advisor should be in the life of their clients, Strategic Catalyst for Positive Change. People do not need a financial plan about how to manage their money, they desire a Strategic Spending Plan to effect positive change in their life.

Next we will discuss how to partner with those around you to monitor their progress toward positive change.