Let's Talk: Partnering to Monitor Positive Change

We all desire positive change in our lives. As we discussed last week, positive change requires not just a desire or goal, but a next action. If you want to be a catalyst for positive change in the life of others you must partner with them in identifying their desire and next action. Then, with them, track the accomplishment of their next actions until the desired outcome is realized. You no longer sit on the sidelines of their life, but actively participate in the achievement of their dreams. Your conversations can now focus on what is most important to them and, as a partner, you share in their excitement and are valued by them in a unique way.

Remember refer-ability is not tied to your expertise or knowledge, which are usually assumed. It is not your unique solution that compels them introduce you to others. Your refer-ability is directly tied to your clients experience with you. Is their lifestyle maintained and enhanced by knowing you?

Partnering with those around you and monitoring the positive change in their lives connects you to the accomplishment of their dreams. The simple process of recording what they want to do and encouraging them in completing simple next actions will guarantee they achieve the dreams.

For each person or couple you partner with, record their next dream. Then note under that dream the next action they want to accomplish. Now each time you talk with them update the next action as they are completed. Occasionally drop them a line or call to check on their progress. This simple process changes your conversation and gently encourages them to complete what they desire. Now because of your partnering with them, the desired outcome is achieved sooner and a new desired outcome can be set. As a catalyst for positive change you can help others achieve substantially more than they ever imagined. Now you are value-added.