Geysers Galore

September 13, 2009 Apparently, 300-500 geysers gush in Yellowstone National Park.


Old Faithful is the most famous and the first to be named in the park back in 1870. Apparently, Old Faithful was used as a laundry in the 1880s, even though the force of the eruptions sometimes damaged the cotton and linen garments that were flung into the crater for cleaning.


Most geysers smell of sulfur - free rotten egg scented saunas.


Castle Geyser surges longer than Old Faithful, about 20 minutes followed by 40 minutes of roaring steam. It's plume towers 90 feet high.


Geyser basin trails wind by springs that boil, steam, spit and spout water high in the air.


Yellowstone is the largest active geyser field in the world.