Jackson, WY

September 13-22, 2009 Elk antler arches in Jackson:


Jackson is best known for its scenery, wildlife, skiing, fresh-faced and long-haired residents, and close proximity to Grand Teton, but the town Jackalope is hard to miss:


Our stay coincided with the Jackson Hole Art Festival:


We met Erik, Caroline and wee Nicole from Norway and thoroughly enjoyed a few campfires and outings with them.


They camped next to us in Wilson Road Campground, as did a carpenter - in his 20' sailboat.


A nature walk with Mathieu Ricard in Grand Teton National Park rounded out the Jackson experience. He is a Buddhist monk based in Nepal, the French translator for the Dalai Lama and researcher of the scientific benefits of happiness. He spoke of compassion and how we can use Nature's beauty to inspire inner beauty and cultivate respect for the environment and others.