What Floats Our Boat

October 25, 2009 We packed our two skimpy weeks full of gatherings and visits, family and friends.

The welcoming committee takes in warm shelter and sustenance at the Salt Shaker Deli: Signe, me, Lloyd, John, Nik, always-photo-ready-Magnus and Jamie. Signe and Lloyd, forgive the photo quality; I often forget to check my dial.


We fired off questions in every direction and soaked up all the answers. In the thick of it, we felt as though we just left on our bus odyssey because we just picked up where we left off (as you can only do with true friends), but the more we spoke the more we realized we missed, and then we felt every month of the last year and a half.

It was Day Two and already we could feel the minutes sinking, every one brimming with treasured faces, kind hearts, big hugs, love and laughter. Someday we will be all but permanently moored to this place, these people. In the meantime we feel blessed to just anchor for a time.

Divine dessert + crayon art = speechless.


Our Nova Scotia based family drove over from "The Valley", Annapolis Valley, where Pamela grew up. Niece Shannon, me, nephew Coletyn, sis-in-law Tina and Pamela's oldest brother, Dwayne. Shannon, not surprisingly, has sprung up over her Aunty Pam within the year, which comes in handy on her volleyball A-team, we're sure. Coletyn seems to have stretched exponentially and tripled his energy. He can talk up a storm and is already an avid John Deere fanatic. Good things are happening all around as Tina and Dwayne embark on new careers. We miss you already!


The fam wandered around the black granite columns below, the Fishermens' Memorial. The memorial commemorates fishermen lost at sea since 1890, many from "The August Gales" of 1926 and 1927 when 138 lives were lost, and those who continue to return to the sea.


Lloyd and the littlest dory man:


One more snap before Picton Castle with her yards cockbilled for winter.