Lunenburg Harbour Views 2

This is Papa I:

She's a 56' gaff rigged schooner built from laminated Douglas fir recycled from a 60+ year old CFB Shearwater aircraft hangar and Nova Scotia oak, pine and ash inside.

Picton Castle's bowsprit juts over three distant sailboats. Their skippers squeeze in a race before sundown.

A walk just before sunset...

Ah. Lunenburg as seen through Avenger's rigging. Avenger is particularly important to me because she's the model for a schooner in my latest screenplay.

As fate has it, she's owned by local screenwriter Tom Gallant.

Tom has more than his fair share of talents. He's also a playwright, memoirist, actor, musician and has logged well over 50,000 miles of deep sea sailing.

Even on grey days Lunenburg Harbour feels cheery to me.

Next up: Scenes around town.