Around Town 1

Local architecture. Yep, I'm starting with The Knot Pub. Outside, wood shakes. Inside, huge bronzed fans of seaweed and all kinds of nautical paraphernalia clutter the walls. Thursdays are trivia nights and some Fridays and Saturdays feature local musicians. We recommend the Pub Ale, (potent) caesar salad like no one else makes it, potato skins "when available", local Indian Point mussels and Peanut Butter Pie. The mussel soup and fishcakes with chowchow are popular too. You can't go wrong. Oh. Right. Buildings...

On the right: Kaulbach House, an 1880 Victorian, just one of several Lunenburg inns. On the left: a late Georgian (?) with a Scottish dormer, I think.

Our lawyers' office featurs the characteristic "Lunenburg bump" :

Bluenose Lodge, an 1863 Victorian Gothic was the first house in Lunenburg to feature a widow's walk. A widow's walk is a roof platform where a wife of a seafaring man could watch for her guy's return, sometimes in vain, hence the name. Now the lodge is a B&B.

The Academy opened in 1895. Elementary students still go to school here and the Gallows Hill Writers ascend the creaky stairs to the second floor every Friday (I miss you GHW!). Lloyd and I learned Tai Chi here too. Since we departed on our adventure, the Sea School moved into the third floor.

This is to prove that we tried to visit you (twice), Veronica!

In 2001 a fire raged through St. John's Anglican Church. Four years of hard work restored the building. The building has stood here, in various forms and stages of construction, since 1763. Since local boatbuilders were skilled with wood they were put to task and attributed to the church's "highly ornamented gothic character" and, some say, a ceiling quite like an upsidedown (albeit embellished) ship hull.

Across from The Academy, a building often referred to as The Wedding Cake house:

The newest colour in town is found on King Street. The orange building: Trattoria della Nonna; we love their gnocchi. Just down the road to the left you can find Fleur de Sel, a multi-award winning restaurant featuring French cuisine and local ingredients.