Bottoms Up

October 30, 2009 I first "met" Michael Mason, a naval architect, on the forum. No, we have no plans to build a boat (But did you know we considered living aboard before the whole bus thing?). The "hero" of my latest screenplay is a schooner builder and though I'm from Nova Scotia, I knew very little of the intricacies and art of boatbuilding, and what I did learn … Aye, I've got it forgot. ;)

So I cast a line. The bait: a dryfoot's sailing and boatbuilding questions from the keel up. The forumites have proven most receptive and they are my best resource for all things boating. They have woodenboat lust and they have brine in their veins. I think we have that in common since I go into withdrawal when away from the water for any length of time; three months in the desert tested all my cells, my moisturizing routine (I woke with a facelift every day courtesy of the wicking air), my hair-cum-straw, my sinuses...

Anyway. The forumites patiently give way to the newbie and Michael is probably one the most patient, candid and affable guys on the forum.

We enjoyed a few pints and a lively evening of conversation with him and his equally affable wife at The Knot pub in Lunenburg. Michael charmed us with his wit, gave us a few lessons (complete with napkin illustrations) and spun yarns above the bright rumble of chatty locals and music.

Michael, may your beer be the only thing bottoms up on the sea.