Buzz at the BE

October 31, 2009 The Biscuit Eater is a local hot spot for anyone who craves a java jumpstart, the comfort or thrill of a new-to-you book, great conversation and delectable sweets and other eats made with a local and organic focus.

Expect a warm and sincere welcome. Jo, horse lover, barista extraordinaire and sweet and special:

We find some of our favourite people in the world here, where coffee is just one source of "the buzz". Good things happen here. What began as a bookselling cafe has become a mecca for literary and community-minded locals. Biscuit Eater's keepers host author readings, intimate concerts and stirring discussions and projects that range from nieghbourhood garden ventures and local environmental topics to global and mind-expanding subjects. Also, we're pretty sure you'll get a charge from the floor to rafter shelves crammed with books. And we can't forget ... the biscuits. I've heard them described as buttery and melt-in-your-mouth and awesome. We just know they're the best. Buzz! We always leave The Biscuit Eater inspired and, well, buzzed.

Our dear friend (and Biscuit Eater proprietress), Dawn, with friend, sea-kayak instructor and contractor Scott:

Local artists' work deck the cafe walls every month or so. The paintings above were created by Deb, who also works at Biscuit Eater. We couldn't begin to tell you of the talent that touches this place... But we feel it every time, an amazing creative energy.

Friend and proprietor Alden joins us for a gab:

Aaah... See? A haven of paper and words ...

... or an escapade if you prefer.

We miss everything about this place. It's a joy to tell you about it and introduce some of the people that make The Biscuit Eater what it is.

A shout out and love to our beloved BE people. xoxo...