November 1, 2009 This post features dear friends.

"Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget."

We did our best to see everyone we could within our two weeks, which meant we dashed around some days. Of course it was worth it.

A visit with Deb and Nancy unfailingly reduces hours to minutes. We have such a good time with these spunky ladies. Our chinwags are always amusing, inspiring and ... spicy. ;)

We were on the run to squeeze everyone in...

We zipped from Heckman's Island (the first island we lived on) to Riverport and caught up with our friend and fellow Gallows Hill Writer, Ellen, in her new West Wing. I call her property a sanctuary. It's special in so many ways.

On the way out, I snapped this photo from Ellen's front porch just as deer darted out of the frame. Ellen has a lovely view. The marsh changes with every season and can be quite beautiful and busy with birds.

In just over a year, David and Mary adopted two new family members. David, an attentive listener, gets a kiss from wee Wil.

Mary calms sweet Finnigan.

Somehow we always leave David and Mary's feeling a little more grounded and refreshed. FYI: One of my favourite views on the South Shore is from David and Mary's home in Kingsburg:

John and Lisa, we didn't capture you in the camera, but were happy to share some time with you too.

Aaah. The Constables. Always fun, sometimes zany, which is part of the "always fun". :D They fill a room with good energy and they know how to make someone feel welcome.

Gotcha, Jamie!

Phew! That was all in one day.

Thank you all. We are grateful for you and your friendship.

Our love,

Pamela & Lloyd