Counter Intuitive Investing - New Series


8-Week Conference Call Workshop Series

Did you have negative returns in 2008? Do you want to protect your client's assets from future market volatility? Would you like to better manage the risk in your portfolios? Learn the Counter Intuitive Investing process that can help you avoid the large declines in stocks by using Relative Strength and Point & Figure Charting. Today's technology puts you back in control of your practice and gives you the ability to protect your client's assets.

Dates: Fridays starting January 8, 2010 for 8 weeks Time: 11:00-12:30 pm Eastern

To register for the workshop download registration form here and fax to 309-294-5519.

Advantages for your team:

  • No travel expenses
  • Entire team can participate
  • Actionable ideas
  • Twelve hours of material for less cost than a single consulting call
  • Easy to implement
  • Weekly feedback
  • Email access to Lloyd during the eight weeks
  • FREE 8-wk access to & during the workshop


  • Build a Counter Intuitive Practice in Today’s Marketplace
  • Powerful Risk Management Tools: Relative Strength and Point & Figure Charting
  • Prepare Prospects & Clients for Counter Intuitive Investing
  • Create Unlimited Trust and Introductions
  • Present a Unique Counter Intuitive Solution
  • Handle Questions and Objections
  • Be a Catalyst for Positive Change in the Lives of Clients
  • Build and Manage a Counter Intuitive Team

The eight weeks will allow you to gradually incorporate these concepts into your practice. For half the price of an airline ticket you and your entire team can participate in the Workshop and apply it to your practice.

What Previous Attendees Said:

“Just thought you’d like to know that the three IA’s who are working through your Counter Intuitive Investing program are more engaged and excited than I have seen them in their careers! They have the confidence and conviction that is infectious. One described it as “what he has been waiting for all his career”. They are excited to roll this out to clients and have no doubt that, along with the Relationship Conversation, they have the best offering in the city! I wish we could get all 37 IA’s this excited and engaged.” - DS – Branch Manager

"A quantum leap forward! I have been in the business for over 7 years now. In March I became a monthly coaching client of Lloyds, and since have joined the Counter Intuitive conference call series. As a technical analyst fan, I was ecstatic that Lloyd brought forward the system presented in the series. It makes sense, it is straight forward, and you can customize it to your own style. Once again Lloyd has provided massive value for my clients, my team, my business and my own personal goals. Nothing feels better than having crystal clear clarity for the operation of your business. Imagine building and running your business day to day and having the bandwidth to focus on what matters most; all the while having a system to manage your participation in the markets - which you do not have any control over. I highly recommend Lloyd's series for anyone who is committed to making a step forward." - SB

“I cannot say enough about the great help you have provided my team in terms of stressing the importance of the “Client Relationship”. However, your recent emphasis, via the Conference Call Workshop Series, dealing with the “Financial Relationship” has been awesome! I wish I knew this material long ago!” - DH

“We continue to be incredibly excited about the coaching, conference calls and the Point & Figure process you are introducing us to! Thank you.” - JR

“Great program, by the way! I am moving to change the way that I run my business and inherently the way we manage the risk of client investments. I do so agree that these times require new tools. Your program is very useful to me thus far!!” - PM

“Good class and we have at least one new item to add this week to help us to the next bigger step, thank you.” - DB

"This process is helping me answer some of the nagging questions my clients or I have had over the years, which were thrown into sharp relief in 2008. I can't see myself being limited only to traditional asset allocation and fundamental strategies for the future." - LK

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