New Paint in Nacogdoches

November 8-12 , 2009 Nacogdoches is "the oldest town in Texas". Since we didn't learn a lot about Nacogdoches you can click here if you want to know more, but we will share this:

"In 1912, the Marx Brothers came to town to perform their singing act at the old Opera House. Their performance was interrupted by a man who came inside shouting, "Runaway mule!" Most of the audience left the building, apparently thinking a runaway mule would provide better entertainment. When they filed back in, Julius (later known as Groucho) began insulting them, saying "Nacogdoches is full of roaches!" and "The jackass is the flower of Tex-ass!" Instead of becoming angry, audience members laughed. Soon afterward, Julius and his brothers decided to try their hand at comedy instead of singing, at which they had barely managed to scrape together a living. A historic plaque commemorating the event is posted in downtown Nacogdoches."

We only spent enough time in Nacogdoches for a paint repair at Extreme Paint & Graphics and for catching up on work. The business is owned by POG sponsor James Stallings. James was the original painter for Foretravel and now comes up with custom paint designs for Nascar busses, performance trailers, motorcoaches and racecars, among other things. EPG has a talented and friendly staff.

We added EPG as a waypoint in our journey because a band of paint on our bus front had bubbled and peeled away from the stainless steel. The EPG team taped off the offending area, stripped the remaining paint and repainted.

They can "bake" a major paint job dry in just a few hours in (we think) 600F using the (what I'll call) lamps below.

Our little band required much less time and heat.

Before new paint:

And after:

A perfect match.

The paint job only took half of a day, much less than we expected, and came in 30% less than the estimate. That's a first! Plus, since we had planned to stay three days, James kindly welcomed us to stay in front of Extreme Paint & Graphics while we toiled away on our laptops and he even joined us, along with his wife, for dinner at a local tex-mex restaurant.

Nice people. Work well done.


P.S. - If you find yourself in Nacogdoches you can find good coffee at Java Jacks.