The Almost King

November 19, 2009 Nashville, TN

This man boasts a good measure of the requisite flair for impersonating The King of Rock-n-Roll and an equal dose of charm. While not quite convincing in stature, John Beardsley rocks the house with a bold voice and even bolder moves, moves that earned Elvis the childish nickname of "Elvis the Pelvis".

Below: This is Lola, a white-haired septuagenarian vamp in a white sweatshirt, demanding yet another kiss from Elvis. FYI: that sweatshirt bears last year's photo of her cuddled up to that very impersonator. Not only does Lola sidle up to the stage and reach for his hand, she offers commentary throughout the performance, usually in the form of some romantic advance. She even challenges this Elvis's wife (the event organizer): "But you get him all the time." Hey, her affections won her a white scarf that he used to blot the sweat off his face...