Darrell Scott & Kenny Malone Jammin at Hippie Jacks

Tonight's entertainment was an extraordinary concert in the lower level of the TN State Museum by Darrell Scott on acustic, baritone, and steel guitar and Kenny Malone on percussion. The two rocked the house with several standing ovations. Kenny is a Nashville session icon and has backed many of the greats like Ray Charles and Marty Robbins. Darrell is a Grammy nominated song writer and sang many of his original songs from both his past and upcoming double album. The concert was filmed with five HD cameras to be televised on the PBS Jammin at Hippie Jack's. Jack Stoddart from the previous post is the original Hippie Jack. He and his family host and film the concerts on his farm in the Tenessee mountains.

We sat next to a young woman who is a river biologist for the state. She collects, counts, and records the insect populations of the middle Tennessee rivers and streams. We learned tonight that a river is any body of water that flows for more than 99 miles and everything 99 miles and less is a stream. There is no telling the knowledge you can gain visiting a museum. Tomorrow the Grand Old Opry. -L

Adding my two cents... Darrell has "a collection of weird instruments" including baritone guitars and an aluminum guitar - bright green and thick with a hollow neck and a hubcap for a resonator plate. We wish we had a photo of the guitar to show you. We do have a photo of Darrell and Kenny:

Darrell's best instrument might be his fine-tuned voice - full, layered and rich.