Mending & Maintenance

November 25, 2009 I think we had the bus in the barn for all of a minute and a half when Eric scooted down the pit to position (Wehrenberg) stands.

Beyond gracious hosts! And one Joe Cannarozzi flown in from Chicago to supervise. ;) This would be too good to be true, if you didn't know Joe and the Faires family. They are that good, that generous, energetic, talented and kind.

Back to work, Joe!

Really, Joe, put yourself into it!

Since it is our bus, we (hardly me) worked on it a little too. ;) Here, Lloyd took out the old shocks.

Here, Joe looks for a leak in the auxillary air system. Here's the leak. Oh. Here's another leak ... and another ... and here's another ... and another. :/

One of the culprits:

On occasion, we brainstormed on the sidelines ...

... or we (meaning Jay) monkeyed around in the rafters ...

... or ... uh ... ?

In the evenings, we gathered in the Faires' sanctuary, a rustic house full of character, some history, warm woods, a wood-burning fireplace and plenty of musical instruments.

Eric and Jay, and sometimes Lloyd, filled this cozy space with wonderful music: rock-y, bluesy, folksy, all around awesome. Jay is a phenomenal talent at 13 years old. He's truly an inspiration. Not only did he entertain us almost nightly with his guitar mastery and sometimes smoky sometimes mellifluous voice, he also teaches guitar weekly at the local Boys and Girls Club. Plus, he gave me some primo advice and taught me how to use my iPhone. Thanks, Jay!

We thoroughly enjoyed the company, and a surprise wine from the Faires supply, after a productive day:

We also had a merry Thanksgiving and feast courtesy of Debbie's cordial parents, Pris and Don, and another Thanksgiving dinner at Debbie's brother's family the next day. We thoroughly enjoyed both gatherings and were more than happy to gather again for more conversation, culinary displays and entertainment throughout our twelve-day stay. Told you we were spoiled. :)