Lloyd in Lights & Kids with Cameras

November 30, 2009 Lloyd was famous for a day in Oneida, TN.

Debbie organized a photography presentation and workshop for the club's kids and also for adults. Lloyd put on a show for +/- 50 kids and adults. He presented a photographic tour of North America as we have seen it to date. The children sat still for an entire hour so you know they were engaged. Afterward, Lloyd hosted a workshop full of photography tips. Well done, Lloyd! :)

Debbie is a key piece of the Boys and Girls Club puzzle. She contributes a lot of hours and energy to keep many boys and girls happily active through club programs at this first-rate facility. Kudos, Debbie. They're lucky to have you!

Also, a special thank you to the fellow POG members who donated cameras to the club so the kids can learn more about photography and maybe even start a photography club of their own.