Obsessions in New Orleans

Our first stop in New Orleans in always The Faulkner House Bookstore. We stocked up on Borges, Irving, Capote, and Carver. After touring the local used bookstores we had to ship eight boxes of books back to Nova Scotia to make room for the new acquisitions. [caption id="attachment_4005" align="alignnone" width="334" caption="Another Great Bookstore"][/caption]

Around the corner from Faulkner House we stopped into the Absinthe Cafe and Bar. I was captivated by the presentation.

The Absinthe is trickled into a special glass and then a cube of sugar is light and later extinguished in the glass.

Water is then dribbled into the glass and the "green fairies" appear even when you are not intoxicated. We just had to have some for the bus.

If you visit we will light a sugar cube for you. -L