Seaside Sequel 2

January 28, 2010 Last of the Seaside pics.

Aside from sugar white sand, Seaside is best known for its architecture.

A rare house that doesn't have an ice cream colour:

Every house must have a unique picket fence and a porch or veranda or similar open-air area.

We always find something we can't live without at Perspicacity outdooor market.

Seaside has great eats. We especially enjoyed the new Raw & Juicy kiosk, which features organic and vegetarian fare. It's the last airstream eatery in a row of six:

The Taco Bar is new too, and awesome!

We can't say which restaurant is best. We just go with the food mood. Here's Lloyd on approach to Bud & Alley's Rooftop Bar.

Here's one view from the patio bar:

Here's a mouthwatering view of our scrumptious sweet potato fries and a mojito.

I have to mention the crab cakes at Great Southern restaurant (not pictured). They're 99% crab meat and served with fried green tomatoes and a little bit of spicy rémoulade. Get 'em if you can!