Manatee Springs

January 31-February 3, 2010 Manatee Springs State Park

I've wanted to see manatees for years, and this was the best view of one:

I know, you can't really see it. The light spot in the centre is just a glimpse of its back. We heard them more than we saw them. Every few minutes a telltale snort revealed the position of a breathing manatee.

All but one of the park's gentle giants are difficult to spot in the dark water. This one (easily an eight footer) has a buoy-like tracking device tied to its tail.

Even though we caught just a glimpse I was thrilled. :D

We walked the boardwalk under cypress and tupelo trees in search of more manatees down the spring and by the shores of Suwanne River. Instead we found huge sluggish fish, cormorants drying their wings in the sun and black vultures haunting the leafless trees.

For our fellow RVers: We had an excellent site and excellent sights at Yellow Jacket RV Resort. That's the bus peeking out of the bushes on the right.

A nice view of the Suwannee: