New Year, New You...

How are your New Years resolutions going? For many they have fallen by the way side like excess baggage. Yet at the time you created them, they were important to you. What changed? Maybe nothing. On reflection they may still be important to you. So why are they no longer active? These questions reveal a problem we all face, both personally and as business owners. We and our clients want to make changes, but in the end most never happen. The dream, goal, or desired outcome is real, but unfulfilled.

There is a simple two word answer. NEXT ACTION. Without a defined next physical action our dream, goal, desire, or resolution is simply a nice slogan. Look back at what you resolved at the beginning of the year and identify the next physical action. Then block off time on your calendar this week, and set an appointment with yourself to complete that next action. Then identify the next action and set another appointment with yourself for the following week.

In less time that you can imagine today you will have accomplished your desired outcome and can set something new. Twelve months from now you will be amazed at all the things you have accomplished.

In December I resolved to begin the P90X Fitness Program in January. After the first month I am amazed how well I feel. Having just turned fifty-three, I look forward to seeing my abs again. Shedding 11 pounds and 5.4% body fat in a month, this program's discipline of daily next actions makes this program successful. What desired outcome to you have? What desired outcome do your client's have? Make them a reality by identifying the next physical action.