Three Channels of Marketing

Until a practice becomes an Exponential Business and has over a hundred unsolicited introductions a year, it must focus on three areas of marketing simultaneously. To maintain consistent revenue a practice must have short, intermediate, and long term revenue sources.

Short Term Revenue

The best source for short term revenue is conversion of non-fee clients to fees. This first step helps simplify the management of the practice and creates and immediate increase in revenue. To learn how to transition your non-fee clients to fees read pages 133-138 in Attract Clients.

Intermediate Term Revenue

The most effective means to create revenue in the next quarter is the Mini Dinner. Invite one of your top twenty-five advocates to dinner and ask them to invite another couple that looks just like them. Then the six of you go to an exclusive restaurant for dinner together and talk about life, not business. The more exclusive the restaurant is the better. The dinner gives your prospective couple the opportunity to meet you. There is no need to convince them of your expertise, your client's attendance is proof enough. They need the chance to see if they like you. The next day offer to take them through the same analysis you do for your clients at no cost or obligation to say thank you for the evening together. If you conduct ten dinners over the next twelve months and close eight of the ten, this will be an outstanding source of intermediate term revenue with clients that look just like your top twenty-five.

Long Term Revenue

Over the next twelve months identify the next dream and next action for each of your top one hundred clients and help them achieve their dreams faster. As you become a strategic partner for change in their life, they will want others to benefit from your partnership and you will begin to receive unsolicited introductions. For more information read pages 31-92 in Attract Clients.

As you complete converting your clients to fees over the next twelve to eighteen months your long term strategy will begin to create introductions. If you will use all three simultaneously it will only be a matter of time before your short, intermediate, and long term revenue are secure. Those these steps are easy to implement few will follow through to completion. If you do your practice will be on the way toward and auto-pilot exponential business.