Jamming in Port St. Lucie

Feb 19, 2010 - Port St. Lucie, FL We left Bradenton early to meet 18+ other Prevost owners from POG (Prevost Owners Group) for a week of fun and good conversation. We drove over early and met with Eric, Debbie, and Jay Faires and some of the local POG members that stay at the Port St. Lucie Outdoor Resorts for the winter. This is a lovely motor coach resort and we recommend it highly. We checked out the local guitar shops, while the Eric and family went bus shopping.

A few days letter all the other busses started arriving and we had an impromptu jam session between our busses.

Jay was playing lead on Dan's borrowed Fender. Later in the week Jay brought out his Les Paul Traditional and rocked the house. He is the most musically talented 13 year old I know. Can't wait for him to get introduced to Celtic music this summer.

Joe played steel guitar at the Grande Ole Opry for years and toured with many country bands before retiring. He joined us on steel.

Then Sandy sang while Jay played Ed's bass. -L