Weekly Team Meeting

The team will only buy into a vision they create. If the boss does all the planning, they will have to do all the work. Ask the team to identify the three biggest changes that need to happen to make the team more successful. Say nothing and do not critique their choice.

Then ask them to identify the next action necessary to make each of the three changes a reality and have someone other than the boss be resonsible for completing the action in the next seven days.

You may suggest they block off time on their calendar to accomplish the task. Assign one task for each of the three changes. Then sch the meeting for the next week.

Tell each person assigned a task to come to the meeting prepared to answer two questions. 1. was the task accomplished? yes or no 2. what is the next task that needs to be done to move the project closer to completion.

This should take 5-15 minutes of your weekly meeting. The rest of the meeting can be used for each department or team member to explain what is on their plate for the week.

The purpose of the meeting is to focus the team on the most important tasks and make sure everyone knows what the team workload looks like.