Barcelona Odds & End

April 21, 2010 We strolled along Las Ramblas which is lined with trees, cafes, curiosities and narrow streets. A typical view across the street: balconies, pedestrians and lines of mopeds and motorbikes sometimes up to 50 in a row.

A local man in an obvious wig shouts and holds up a postcard of an obese nude woman for all passersby to see. The locals know better than to mind him, I guess.

Other local men stride along in dark clothes bursting out in ... beautiful birdsong. Seriously. Makes me wonder if has something to do with the typical male bird's motivation for birdsong: territorial purposes. Is it the Catelonian equivalent for the wolf whistle? Or just an amusing pastime? I don't know.

Buskers on the other hand are the silent type. They don't talk. They disguise themselves in elaborate costumes or ... edibles ... and stand stock-still. You pay to take photos.

How does he do that? ;)

We also saw a couple "headless" buskers in suits, a grown man baby in a carriage, cowboys that were silver head to toe, etc.

Just another extraordinary detail:

Extraordinary details are everywhere in Barcelona: ornate fountains, street lamps, balconies, arches, old and massive doors, cobblestone streets, and a lot of graffiti.

The End of our Barcelona experience looked just like this:

Nice, hm?