Florence Resumed

April 23, 2010 Storage is scarce so laundry and bicycles (?) hang off balconies:

That photo was snapped from Muse Casa di Dante. The museum is a disappointment: scant exhibits feebly related to the scribe of the Divine Comedy and the rest a mix mash of poor reproductions of costumes and such, though we did enjoy the reproduction copies by Giotto, Ghirlandaio, Raphael, Michelangelo, etc.

Dante doesn't look impressed either:

The infamous David (on the left), albeit a copy:

That must be Hercules and Cacus on the right.

You won't see what we saw a lot of unless you really look at this photo. Obviously the novelty has worn off for the vendor.

The BEST way to end a day in Florence? Savour espressos and tiramisu at Croce Caffe in Piazza Santa Croce.

Croce Square and another wee three-wheeler:

Well, that's a taste of Florence.