Rome: Day 1

April 24, 2010 I admittedly put off blogging when I've taken hundreds of photos for one destination. That, in part, explains the delay in posting. I'm grateful you're checking this out as that is the best incentive to keep posting! Thanks for following along.

We dropped off our luggage at Arco del Lauro B&B in Trastevere and traipsed just a few hundred feet to Piazza in Piscinula for lunch. Rome awaits. What to do? Take a 4-hour nap. Not planned, but thoroughly enjoyed.

We woke late afternoon and set out to catch just a few glimpses of Rome before dark. I'm sharing them with you.

Old marries new:

The area is apparently known as the Jewish Ghetto of Rome, but "ghetto" in Rome is... it just doesn't fit!

A sneak peek at the Coliseum:

Just one of many sweeping views in the capital of Italy:

Mmmm (need I say more?):

Tiber Island, the only island in the Tiber River, is linked to Rome by two bridges:

Fountain of Neptune in Piazza Navona:

Unfortunately the more famous fountain, The Fountain of Four Rivers by Bernini, was under construction.

People-watching rules in Piazza Navona.

We took a Rick Steve's Rome Top 10 guide recommendation and dined at Trattoria da Lucia, a dark little restaurant run by three generations of one family. We skipped the stingray soup with broccoli and went with the antipasto della casa, gnocchi (very sticky!) and a "mezzo litro" of red wine followed by a selection of local cheeses with honey.

All of that in just a couple/three hours. Rome is a walking town that offers more to see than we could see in months so we'll share highlights and leave the rest for next time.