Typical Rome

April 26, 2010 Typical as in "representative" and "symbolic", not as in "ordinary".

A typical lunch at Ristorante Ill Cardello 1920 di Angelo e Lidia, a typical hole-in-the-wall stashed at an intersection of back alleys. So yummy... still makes my mouth water.

A typical microcar in Italy. Tiny names too: Eke (love that!), Aygo, etc.

The most famous and the largest Baroque fountain in Rome, Trevi Fountain stands 85' high and 65' wide in Trevi Square. Among the sculptures, Neptune, god of the sea, rides a shell-shaped chariot pulled by two sea horses. Triton guides the sea horses. On one side of Neptune a statue represents Abundance, on the other a statue representing Salubrity.

A typical alleyway courtyard and colour scheme.

A typical and delectable Italian pizza, perhaps a-typical as we were told it was the best pizza in Rome. I know I wrote it down somewhere... I will look. Anyway, the thin crust pizza comes out of the oven in looong slabs. The cook holds up a huge knive and hacks off the end of the pizza according to your instruction.

Ornate chimneys and sat dishes side by side.

Our one regret is that we missed Galleria Borghese. Reservations are required, several days in advance. However, we observed a typical and amusing scene on the short bus en route the the Borghese grounds: Italian friends, all talking at the same time to each other yet to no one in particular. It's a wonder how they understand each other. Entertaining to us foreigners to say the least!