New Counter Intuitive Workshop in January

Counter Intuitive Investing 2.0 In January I will be hosting a workshop to introduce the new Counter Intuitive Investing process. This is an updated and improved version of the Counter Intuitive Workshop and will introduce a new service designed to simplify incorporating Counter Intuitive Investing into your practice.

NEW FEATURES: -Designed to meet the needs of Advisors and Firms -Advisor can fix allocation limits to match firm requirements -Fully diversified portfolio (no need for a third leg) -Nine asset classes -Reduced tranactions because of new trade limits -No need for stop loss orders because of real time Stock Alerts -Works as stand alone solution or part of a larger strategy -Participation in strong sectors of weaker markets -Next Action indicator - positioning existing and new

Original Features: -Relative Strength based analysis -Trend following not predictive or timing based -Asset and Sector based, eliminating the non-diversifiction of security based models -Overweighting based on Relative Strength -Uses PnF charts to identify Relative Strength -Playbook for all market conditions -Primary focus - Reduction of downside risk -Market Cash Flow Indicator -Market Risk Indicator

We will be announcing the date for the workshop in the coming weeks.