Three Nights of Magic



(scene from “Old Fools” with actors Jon Allen and Chris Anderson, sorry for poor quality of image)

Three nights of magic in the imaginary world of the theatre ended last night with another standing ovation. It’s Alive Theatre Company concluded it’s first production of An Evening of Short Plays with three sold out nights of performances. I find it difficult to express all my feelings, so I will just recap the highlights. I am overwhelmed by the talent of our cast of actors, who gave so much time to rehearsals and magically transformed a bare stage with only a few props into sets and scenes. I am amazed by the talents and skills of our stage manager and crew who choreographed the set changes and made sets appear as a dance. I am grateful for our MC, who brought energy and enthusiasm for the project and broadcast it through interviews and live during each evening. I am humbled by the talent of my fellow writers, who created works of imagination and brought them to life on the stage. They inspire me to continue creating. I am thankful for you, my friends and neighbors, who stepped out of their normal lives for an evening and joined and encouraged us by your attendance and ovations. I am happy for the support of our local community and the sponsors who stepped up to fund our experiment before it was proven a success. I am hopeful for the future because of the requests we are already receiving from others who want to sponsor our upcoming productions.

Thank you All:


Jon Allen, Chris Anderson, Pierre Bachand, Mark Cruickshank, Dan Jaworski, 

Bruce Jollymore

, Jullie Knowles, 

Pamela Segger

, Shannon Sponagle, Saundra Vernon, and Cynthia Walker.


Liesha Wagner Letson


Shannon Campbell

 and Michelle Graves


Nancy Wilson


Gus Web


Merrill Heubach, Alistair Jarvis


Susan Cruckshank, Rick Myers, Pamela Segger, 

Alison Smith

, and Lloyd Williams