Best of 2012


Jan 2012

Great friends are always the best way to begin a new year. (L to R: M.J., Pamela, Kuno, Mike)


Feb 2012

Iron Works Distillery's latest creation a Pear in a Bottle. We had to add one to our collection. So nice to have a local distillery.

MARCH 2012

Mar 2012

Learned to knit in February by watching YouTube videos and help from local knitters like Dawn in Mahone Bay and Mimi in Halifax. After a scarf and a hat I started my first pair of socks in March. 

APRIL 2012

Apr 2012

Drum circle on Dawn's birthday at the old Biscuit Eater. We are so happy that Cara and Fredrick bough the BE and have made it their home and continued allowing all of us to make it our community center. 

MAY 2012

May 2012

Cruised from Rome, to Egypt, Turkey, Greece, and ended in Venice. Stayed over for several lovely days and nights.

JUNE 2012

Jun 2012

We moved to BlueRocks in May and a knitting angel left a knitted rock in front of the house. We never discovered who left it, but enjoyed it every day until it moved on its journey.

JULY 2012

Jul 2012

The Tall Ships arrived in Lunenburg and hosted a three day celebration at the docks.


Aug 2012

We helped start a new theatre company in town called It's Alive Theatre, Playwrights (l to r) Pamela, Rick, Alison, Lloyd, and Susan (not pictured).


Sep 2012

Cynthia Whitcomb came for a visit and we toured her around for a week while she lead a two-day writing workshop for local writers.


Oct 2012

Jon Allen and Chris Anderson acted in my play, "Old Fools" as a part of It's Alive Theatre Company's  production of A Evening of Short Plays. Everyone in the company had a wonderful time and we sold out all three performances. Thank you everyone, especially Jon and Chris.


Nov 2012

Fall settled into Blue Rocks with golden colors and great weather. 


Dec 2012

Pamela and I enjoyed a productive month of writing and a quiet holiday season. Happy New Year to all.