First Scarf That Became a Hat


Scarf Rescue Hat Pattern from The Yarn Harlot

This scarf begins with my earliest stitches, I stopped ripping them out and starting over. Decided it would be a record of my progress as a knitter.

The more I knit, the more I realized I like color for knitted items and the dark gray scarf quickly became boring. While reading Knitting Rules: The Yarn Harlot’s Bag of Knitting Tricks at the same time. Her Scarf Rescue Hat arrived at the same time my frustration with the scarf reached a peak and the length exact toy the correct length for making the hat, so a bind off was all that was needed to start the hat.

Simple solution to a ldeveloping problem. Because of the K3 P2 ribbing of the original shaft the hat was quite large, felting was the answer. After my earlier success with felting the fingerless gloves I was excited about the prospects. I had already washed the hat so I set the washer water level to low and and temp to high (I will come back to this). I remembered that the gloves took 20 minutes or four 5-minute washings to felt to the perfect size. Since the hat was much larger to start with than the gloves were I decided I would let it run for 10 minutes then do the first check. Headed for the kitchen for a cup of tea. The iPhone alarm sounded and I opened the washer and pulled out the hat with tongs and was surprised by the degree of felting and the size. After quickly toweling off the excess water and rolling up the edge I realized it was a n extremely tight fit. Too tight.

What went wrong. Then I recalled that the original felting was done in warm water not hot.

I thought Pamela would like a warm winter hat that fits her well. But she hate gray. So I geve that hat to a friend who likes gray. Lesson learned.