First Pair of Sock

Finally decided to knit a pair of socks on double point needles (DPN). I knit all my earlier projects with the AddiClick Lace interchangable needles, but decided to go traditional. Well almost traditional, bamboo, not birch.

I wanted to avoid the “second sock syndrom” that effects many knitters and keeps them from completing the second sock. I decided to knit both at the same time: cuff, cuff, ankle, ankle, heel, heel, foot, foot, toe, and toe. When I finished the first cuff I did not have another set of needles and though I could have moved it to 2mm DPNs, I waited and bought some HiyaHiya stainless steel needles to see the difference between them and the bamboo. So the first sock is further along and I was able to enjoy just zipping around with stockenette stitch.

The Tresko yarn resists the needles slipping, so the stainless needles work well (none have fallen out yet).