Second Knitting Project - Roll Up the Brim (IQ Hat)


IQ Hat (Lucy Neatby pattern)I found Lucy Neatby and she is amazing. I love her hair and her DVDs. I started this with my new set of Addi Click Lace interchangeable needles. 


Addi Click Lace Interchangeable Needles (I have blue cables)

I love the long tapered sharp points and on the hat, you you just knit, knit, knit. As I neared the crown I changed to Magic Circle with a 32” cable and then to DPN to finish decreasing. I wanted to try all of them to see what I liked best and it worked. I found the Magic Circle to fussy and loved the control and tradition of the DPN. 

I could have made the hat a little longer and wider, but I like it and until I make another it is a ficture on my head. It is warm Sandnes Garn Alfa 85% wool / 15% mohair. I changed to this yarn after swatching the first and not liking the results. 

I believe in the importance of swatching. Thank you Kelley Petkum from Knit Picks Podcast.