Hill Climbing

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at Wed, 11 Apr, 12.09 PM.png

Few things in life are more painful or rewarding than hill climbing. You feel like your lungs will burst from your chest and your legs will explode as you peddle slowly up the climb. You will yourself to the top, because you know there is a reward, fresh air and panoramic vistas. At the summit your lungs fill and the pain vanishes with the wind during the decent.

This was my first hill climbing in many years and they are all small and short. The second, though the lowest, is the steepest and I was forced to walk the last few meters, my legs would not push any more and my lungs burned like they were on fire. I will be back again tomorrow and the next, until I can top them easily.

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at Wed, 11 Apr, 12.23 PM.png

The route is convenient to the house and the Corkum Island Knitters group. Glad knitting is light.

UPDATE 2012-0413: cut two minutes off my time on the loop today. Still had to step off before the top. But I will be back again and again until I can ride both with ease.