Aikido works...



The graphic above is called “forward ukemi” and is the correct way to fall and recover when thrown in practice. Though I personally seem to have more square corners and less circular momentum, the principal is the same.

This morning’s ride to Blue Rocks and back was a new best time. The wind blew in my face on the way out, but helped on the return. I learned a good lesson: don’t try to turn off your bike computer while still moving. As I approached the house I reached up to stop the clock remotely with my new headset and was using my left (front brake) to slow down. The break locked and I flew over the front wheel.

Hours of training on the mat with Sensei Jamie Constable at the Lunenburg Aikikai taught me how to roll. The muscle memory kicked in and my right arm extended and I rolled on the outside of my hand, arm, elbow, shoulder, leg, knee. I was almost standing at the end.

Embarrassed with only a few minor scratches, as the gravel is rougher than the practice mat, the line of dirt on my sleeve, shoulder, side, thigh, and knee followed the path of the roll.  Thanks Sensei.

Tomorrow is a rest day after a week of riding. Looking forward to Tuesday.