Back in the Seat


I have walked into town almost everyday this winter for a little daily exercise. With the days warming it is time to uncover the bicycles and start riding again. A friend almost convinced me to buy studded snow tires for the bike and ride year round, but that requires new winter wind wear and that will have to be delayed.

We move to Blue Rocks on May 1st and my daily walk will become a daily ride. I enjoy cycling, it seems to be just the right speed. Cars traverse the landscape too fast and walking sometimes seems to slow, but cycling is just right pace. You have time to see what is around you, stop whenever desired, park almost anywhere, use no fossil fuels, get exercise and fresh air. A nearly perfect experience.

If you see me on the road, I am the one on the green Raleigh Hybrid with yellow side bags, struggling up the hill. Please share the road and give me a wave.

UPDATE: cycling up the hill into town was easier at the end of last season than t the beginning of this season.