Bicycling to Blue Rocks


Rode the bike to Blue Rocks today for the second ride of the season. We move to Blue Rocks in May and I wanted to see the ride time into town. The hills make for a good workout, which I desperately need. The sky was clear and the sun made the 6C temp feel warmer. Rode straight out from the house and stopped for a few photos.


Sitting on the rocks I realized I carried the two heavy hardback books I intended to drop at the library before leaving town, but forgot.

Quickly realized that the wind was to my back on the way out and was blowing in my face on the ride home. Shifted to a lower gear and kept pumping the peddles.

Stopped by the Lunenburg Bike Barn on the way home, but Al was on a Good Friday ride, so I talked with Rick and Saundra who were doing some landscaping for a moment before heading to the library.

I look forward to riding in to town on a regular basis to get the mail. Hopefully practice will level the hills over time.