Knitting in Public


After lunch Pamela and I found some comfortable chairs by a large window to read, write, and relax. After writing the post on Mykonos, I decided to knit some more on my Purple Baby Hat for the IWK Purple Period Project in Halifax to raise awareness regarding Shaken Baby Syndrome.

A man knitting in public is a curiosity. When home I knit at Sweet Indulgence Cafe and enjoy a cup of tea with friends and neighbors. Today a couple of ladies from Vancouver stopped by to inquire about my knitting and we discussed the Purple Hat Project. They have a similar program with their local hospital that their knitting guild supports. They were very encouraging and happy to see a man learning to knit. A little later two Chinese ladies stopped and asked to see my kniting. The first showed me and her friend all my mistakes and then walked away. I guess since my kniting was flawed there was no need for further discussion. Cultural or gender difference, now I am curious.